Create The Space To Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients


I help health and wellness coaches like you attract ideal clients quicker than ever before.

Do you have big goals for your coaching business that you’d love to achieve in 2020 but so far, what you’ve been doing hasn’t got you there?

Have you spent a lot of time and money getting the education and knowledge you need to master your coaching skills and still not successful?

I hear you!

I had so many degrees, so many qualifications, and so much knowledge that I thought I knew it all. For over 35 years I read self-help books, attended seminars, workshops, and worked with top personal development gurus and I was still stuck at achieving the goals for my coaching business. I then came to the realisation that I needed help from someone who would take me higher than I knew how to on my own.

Thankfully this led me to Bob Proctor, the top prosperity teacher in the world. He’s taught me the key to success is found in the mind-body connection and I want to show you too!



Create The Space To Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients.

  • Eliminate worry, doubt, and self sabotage to become focused and productive.
  • Get your beliefs and behaviors aligned so that you can sky-rocket your sales goals.  
  • Implement a new model to create wellness and success for yourself and your clients.
  • Release fear and anxiety and know with certainty how to move to your goals. 
  • Create a powerful self-image that will ensure your success. 

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“Working with Dr. Shelley Nash has been one of the best decisions I have made. I can have a tunnel vision approach and she definitely broadens my view. I love that! I feel more fulfilled and have achieved many successes in my life as a result of her coaching. When I am feeling down and stuck, Shelley always finds a way to help me get unstuck, feeling better, and moving again.”

Janis Thornton, Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant