The closer we get to being who we were meant to be…the brighter we shine!


I am thrilled to help you reconnect with your true self and claim your authentic power to create the life you desire.

It is so exciting to see my clients release the limiting beliefs, fears, self-judgments and traumas that have kept them stuck for so long. My progressive approach helps you unlock their full potential and discover your own magnificence.

I want to share my life changing SECRETS with you!

My empowering programs will help you discover the keys to achieving the success you desire. You will advance to a whole new level that you never dreamed possible. You will feel confident to start living with renewed passion and purpose.

I know you have the capacity to let go of the past, turn your life around, and step into your power. It is time for you to SHINE!



8 Powerful Steps You Need to Apply to Get Out of Your Own Way and Create Lasting Change.

  • Eliminate worry, doubt, and self sabotage to start living with a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Align your beliefs and behaviors to create a bulletproof attitude that will launch you to your next level.  
  • Gain greater confidence, increase self-awareness, and give yourself permission to live the life you really want.
  • Release fear and anxiety and know with certainty how to move to your goals. 
  • Create a powerful self-image that will ensure your success. 

Are You READY To Step Into Your Power?

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“Working with Dr. Shelley Nash has been one of the best decisions I have made. I can have a tunnel vision approach and she definitely broadens my view. I love that! I feel more fulfilled and have achieved many successes in my life as a result of her coaching. When I am feeling down and stuck, Shelley always finds a way to help me get unstuck, feeling better, and moving again.”

Janis Thornton, Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant