Aligning You with YOU…

Aligning YOU with YOU so we ALL WIN!

I love this statement because it reminds me of my chiropractic training. Most people know that a chiropractor aligns your spine and joints and then you feel better. This alignment removes blocks to the natural flow of energy through the nervous system so your body can function optimally.

Similarly, when you align YOU (your belief at a deep level) with YOU (your behaviors) your natural energy will flow creating a positive vibration that will help create the results that you want.

If you want better results you must BELIEVE it is possible. Frank Lloyd Wright has created much evidence of this fact. He said of his creative process,

“The thing always happens that you really BELIEVE in and the BELIEF in a thing makes it happen. “ – Frank Lloyd Wright


BELIEF comes with UNDERSTANDING. You must first understand that you have two levels of BELIEF.

  1. You have BELIEF in your educated mind based on logic and the information you gather from your outside environment. This belief resides in your conscious mind.
  2. Then you have BELIEF on a deep level, in your subconscious mind. These beliefs control your behaviors.

Most of your beliefs you didn’t originate yourself. They were passed along in your early environment. It’s part of your conditioning. It is important to learn what you deeply believe and then bring it into alignment with what you want.

You will NEVER go beyond what you BELIEVE you can do!

This is KEY, get emotionally involved with your belief and feel with all your senses what it will be like to achieve it. By doing this repeatedly your belief will start to become congruent in YOU. Your cells will start to align with a vibration that will attract what you want.

  • Your brain is an electronic switching station. Every cell has a positive and negative polarity, based on the Law of Polarity.
  • When you are vibrating in a negative way that is what you will attract.
  • Learn to switch from negative to positive polarity by getting emotionally involved with your new belief. Your new vibration will attract like to you. Your belief will get stronger the more you practice this technique

The truth is you can do ANYTHING, however if you don’t BELIEVE it…it will be a struggle and never happen.

What do you believe you are capable of? Is your work environment congruent with success? Does everyone on the team believe in the same goal and desired result?

  • With a team in a company you have to get everyone to believe the same way.
  • They must all be emotionally involved with the desired results or you will be working against each other.
  • If one person doesn’t believe, that will be an anchor on that team. They will HOLD everything back.
  • You will have to drag them along and that takes a lot more effort.

Align your beliefs and behavior to get what you want. When you LOCK your Belief into the subconscious mind the ‘false belief’ will eventually die due to lack of attention.

“Believe, and your belief will actually create the fact. “ – William James

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