Are You Interested or Committed?

The difference could have a HUGE EFFECT on your success! 

I was just thinking about how on Facebook Events you have the option of interested, going or not interested.

How many times do you click that you’re interested in attending an event? What does it take for you to really commit and say I’m GOING to an event? A commitment means you put it on your calendar and actually do what you need to do in the rest of your life to make it happen. You really WANT to attend and you do anything to make it happen.

Look at this diver. He had to make a full commitment to jump. There was no halfway. He might have been afraid however at some point he had to COMMIT.

 “There is a difference between being interested and committed.
When we are interested, we do what’s convenient.
When we are committed, we do whatever it takes…we accept only results not excuses.”
– Ken Blanchard

How does this play out in your life? Are you interested in your goals or are you committed to your goals? 

When you are interested all the reasons and excuses will come up and get in your way.
Things like:
  • Oh, I didn’t really want that anyway.
  • That wasn’t my goal, I was just doing it for somebody else.
  • I think that was too BIG a goal, I should go for something smaller.
  • I don’t think I have what it takes to achieve that goal.
  • What was I thinking? This is going to be way too hard.
  • No one will know if I don’t do it.
  • It doesn’t matter if I do it. Deep down its, ‘I don’t matter’.
  • I’ll do it later, another time, someday.

This goes on and on until you finally QUIT. And the weirdest thing is you aren’t really aware of why you quit, you just stopped going for it.

The only way to change this negative banter that resides in your subconscious mind is to begin to understand what is happening and get coaching and accountability to shift the old habits, values, and beliefs and create new ones that work for you vs. against you. 

As always I am here to help, let me know if you are stuck or want to learn to take committed action to get to your goals and dreams. Click Here to Book a Free Strategy Session.

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