Are you ready for a BIG CHANGE?

Are you ready to make a BIG CHANGE in your life? 

If you are this information will be vital to your success.

Your mind has unlimited potential, yet it can also keep you stuck in self-sabotage and never able to get ahead. It is the habitual thought patterns of your mind that keep you doing the same things over and over and getting the same results.

As a small child your subconscious mind was wide open to the influences of everything around you. You were conditioned with habits and thought patterns from your genetics and your environment. As a result, you are literally ‘programed’ to live the way you are living.

The multitude of habits fixed in your subconscious mind are
called ‘Paradigms’.

Your paradigms are invested in keeping you safe and keeping everything the same. Your paradigms don’t like change. You can discover your paradigms by observing your results, discovering the behaviors that caused the results, and then becoming aware of the thought pattern that was at the core of your behavior.

Your Paradigms → Your Behaviors → Your Results

 Your paradigms form your logic, which keeps you wired where we are. In order to change your paradigms you have embrace the illogical. You have probably heard that change happens outside of your comfort zone. As you make changes for the better in your life you want to get comfortable being uncomfortable. As we change our paradigms our logic changes and we are able to do things that we used to think were impossible.

There Are Two Ways To Change Paradigms.

  1. Constant spaced repetition and elite level coaching
  2. Highly emotional events like 9-11, trauma, death, or loss or relationship, most having a negative impact.

You can learn to take CONSCIOUS CONTROL of the paradigms
that hold you back
with repetition.

Use this exercise to create new paradigms and change your behavior and results.

FIRST: Write down all the results you don’t like on a piece of paper.

SECOND: Write down the exact opposite of that.

THIRD: Release the paper with what you don’t want on it by burning it or shredding it. This is only symbolic of letting it go. You will still need to do repetition of the positive statement to impress the new paradigm in your mind.

FOURTH: Repeat for 30, 60, and even 90 days until your belief is strong and you can SEE the new result happening.

FIFTH: When you have created the new result you know that you have successfully changed the paradigm.

It is good to work with only 1-2 paradigms at a time to keep it simple.


Current Result: My sales go up and down, I get ahead and I lose some.

Desired Result: I am so happy and grateful now that…leads flow to me on a continual basis; my results are continually going up. My sales are getting better everyday. I am becoming more and more effective as a sales person.

You can use this same method for a corporate environment
to improve the results and increase the bottom line.

In corporations there is a corporate culture made of habits that are both good and bad. Each individual in a corporation brings their own paradigms and habits and the group dynamic establishes a culture that might not be producing the best results. Your results are a direct reflection of what’s going on deep inside your mind.

When you change your paradigms you improve your life and bring more of you to the party.

When you change you…you change everything in your life!

I have never personally seen anyone overcome their paradigms alone. Paradigms are so strong that without help from constant spaced repetition, accountability, and elite level coaching it is very difficult to change the patterns that they create.

If you are ready to take on your paradigms that are not serving you and make BIG Changes in your life set up an appointment with me TODAY.



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