Break FREE of FEAR!

Are you trying to build your coaching business and feel like you keep hitting a wall?

  • Your inner voices are getting louder and louder. You hear things like, “It’s not working. Who do I think I am. I can’t do this. It’s time to get a safe, secure, job and give up this pipe dream.”
  • You became a coach because you have done so much work on yourself. You completely transformed. It was tough and at times you didn’t like what you were going through, yet you stuck with it and in the end, you felt the magic of your authentic self-unfolding.
  • It feels so awesome to show up each day as the REAL you, all you want to do is help others realize this same feeling of transformation.
  • You keep trying new ways to build your coaching business with little results to show.
  • You learn and grow and keep going but it keeps getting harder and harder to see the light. You get discouraged and doubt yourself so much you think about quitting.
  • You keep getting STUCK in a LOOP of FEAR and ANXIETY that stops you in your tracks and takes everything out of you.

Your relationship with FEAR must change if you want to achieve great success in your business.

We have sayings that can help us in a pinch like; “feel the fear and do it anyway, make fear your friend, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Personally, I didn’t really get to a good place with fear until I began to really understand at a deep level what exactly was going on in my mind and body when I hit the wall of terror, or as we call it the ‘terror barrier’.

Most of us are so afraid, subconsciously, to fail yet failing is the only way we get where we want to go. Our failures are the gutter balls, the bumpers that keep us on track. The only way to truly fail is to quit, to quit your dream, to quit on you…so don’t.

In coaching you have to get yourself right before you can help others…you can only help others as far as you have gone! As coaches we have to be constantly growing and raising our awareness.

Life is movement and if you’re stuck or stagnant nothing is going to come your way.

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