Crush Your ‘Terror Barrier’

Do you find yourself excited about your goals and then a few months later your excitement fizzles?

Only a few people actually hit BIG GOALS. Most give up way before they reach their goals. The truth is most people are setting the wrong kind of goals.

Your goals must be BIG GOALS…the type of goal that you don’t know how you will get. When you set this type of goal and get emotionally involved with it you will hit the ‘terror barrier”. In order to crash through this ‘terror barrier’ you have to develop an understanding of how your mind works.

Anyone who has ever accomplished anything had to go through the ‘terror barrier’.

 There are 4 steps in the physiological process of experiencing growth dealing with the ‘terror barrier”. You will move from bondage, reason, and conflict through the ‘terror barrier’ to freedom

  1. Most people live in BONDAGE to their mental conditioning. Year after year they create the same life based on their subconscious belief about who they are and what they are capable of. They are in an ‘X’ type vibration which produces an ‘X’ type behavior which produces ‘X’ type results. Most people like to stay in this place of comfort, never choosing to step out of their box where they feel safe.
  2. Many people live in REASON, they dream about a better life and hope to win the lottery. They wish that something might happen to catapult them into a better life without taking any action to get there. They think about a new ‘Y’ idea in their conscious mind however never get emotionally involved with it, so it stays a fantasy that is never realized.
  3. When a person is ready to really go for MORE in their life they move into CONFLICT. It is an inner conflict going back and forth between the new ‘Y’ idea and staying in bondage to the past and their habitual ‘X’ behaviors. It is a frightening experience and most choose to retreat to the safety of bondage. Only by understanding the process of the mind does one become willing to break through the ‘terror barrier’ to real FREEDOM.
  4. Once through the ‘terror barrier’ in FREEDOM you have the opportunity to make a new worthy goal that stretches you to go to another level and reach a new ‘terror barrier’. Now you have the experience of already crashing through your ‘terror barrier’ so it becomes easier knowing that you have done it and can do it again.

The Law of Polarity helps give us understanding to move from the negative polarity, ignorance to the positive polarity, knowledge. You will see your health and life in a whole new light when you understand this law.

In the negative polarity of ignorance we consciously move into worry and doubt, which leads to the feeling of FEAR in our subconscious mind. The physical manifestation of fear is anxiety. Normally anxiety is suppressed, which then leads to depression (anger turned inward). Depression leads to dis-ease, which leaves the body in a state dis-integration.

This negative path is very common in today’s society? We have more people on anti-depressants than every before. Most people do not understand how worry and doubt are leading them down a path of dis-ease. When they learn to move into positive polarity they can avoid this destructive cycle.

In the positive polarity of knowledge we consciously move into understanding. In order to develop faith in the subconscious mind, one must study. Yet, it is the one thing most people don’t want to do.
If you want to WIN you have to STUDY!

“Faith is the ability to SEE the invisible and BELIEVE in the Incredible and that is what enables believers to RECEIVE what the masses think is Impossible.” – Clarence Smithison

When one has Faith they are in a state of well-being. Their well-being is expressed as excitement and these people project a good vibration which attracts more good to them. This momentum keeps them in an acceleration of more good. They experience ease and calm. This leads to a creative vibration where one can develop new ideas and make things happen.

What do you choose?

Worry & Doubt or Understanding? Fear or Faith? Anxiety or Well-being? Dis-ease or Ease?
By your choice you can determine your future.

In order to make a quantum leap you must face worry, doubt, and fear head on. Getting emotionally involved with big goals should make you a bit nauseous. However, with understanding you can step out, take action, breakthrough walls, and get what you want!

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