Enliven Your Soul Experience

When you get aligned both physically and energetically you create a beautiful space for your soul to shine.

“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.”

I have heard this many times yet on my walk this morning it hit me stronger. The recent passing of a friend has caused me to think more about what happens when we no longer have our body.

In the mean time, my soul is living in this body. I realize that this body is important to my soul. It is a vehicle that my soul expresses through. It is my job to keep my body in the best condition I can for the free expression of my soul.

As a practitioner of the healing arts for over 30 years I am aware that the body heals itself. Our job as body workers is to help you remove the interference from the free flow of life force in your body.

Life force is always flowing through you. Some call it the innate universal intelligence. It travels through your spine as spinal fluid. The electrical system keeps a steady beat of the blood circulating through vessels throughout your body. There is an invisible energy grid that encompasses and surrounds your body that vibrates into the space around you. Aligning the spine, relaxing muscles, freeing your energy centers all are tools that help your body to be able to take in energy from the environment and use it for it’s own function and energy.

Getting a kink in the spine, a pinched nerve, a tight muscle, or high stress can cause energy to get stuck…turn your lights down…move the dimmer switch to low. The only way to fix this permanently is to get to the source, the cause of the block shift it or remove it. You might also need to develop a new muscle memory, replace some behaviors and switch up your mental routines in order to stay physically and energetically fit.

I have developed a system for aligning you with you so that you can be your most effective in your world. We go through aligning your spine, your energy centers, and your mind to get you to a high functioning state where you can achieve what you previously thought impossible. You will step up to a new level and never go back. You will need a telescope to look back on how far you have come after you are aligned from the inside out.

You can experience a whole new world when you are aligned from the inside out.
Your soul will be very happy as it can freely move and express from this
home that is it’s new playground.

My personal experience of being fully aligned is that of being fully in every nook and cranny of my body. I walk taller, freer, and with ease. I feel my livingness in every cell in every part of my body. An acute awareness of the magnitude and miracle of my body and how blessed I am to call it my physical home. I have a deep love and appreciation for all of my gifts and talents that I can express with my body, mind and soul.

If you are longing to be fully present in your body, fully alive and living on purpose then this might be for you. It’s time to turn up your power and activate your soul’s home so that the real you can shine. Let’s talk soon.

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