Givers Gain

People want to be around givers, it just feels good. They have a high vibration that attracts people to them, like a moth to a flame. What you put out into the world comes back to you. Givers feel good all the time.

The more you give the more you receive. “You cannot give too much.” –Bob Proctor

 Giving can be as simple as leaving everyone you meet with the impression of increase. Sincerely compliment people, notice what they do well and tell them how you appreciate them for it. When you start looking for the good in everything, the good become all you see.

“When you start living your life as a GIVER, you will fall in love with yourself,
and everyone you meet.” – Thomas D. Willhite

Successful people do things in a ‘certain way’. It is not what they do, but how they do it that makes them different. They learn that there is no competition with others. They are only in competition with themselves to get better and better. They create new ways of doing things that take them to a higher vibration than all the others in their field. Successful people create rather than compete.

What is your ‘certain way’?

In order to succeed you need to become in alignment with yourself.

This is something that isn’t taught in school. You need to understand how your mind and body work together to produce results. You need to know how you can control your mind to create the results that you want.

When you are in alignment with yourself and the laws of the universe you will be a success at everything you do.

Knowing who you are, being calm and confident, and exercising self-control are basic qualities of successful people.

“Before you can do something you first must BE something.”
– Goethe, German Philosopher

You have to bring your mind into harmony with the laws of your being.

The thoughts you think control your emotions and your emotions control the vibration that your body is in which controls how you behave.

You have to spend a certain amount of time learning about the relationship of the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to your body and your results.

When you understand this you will be successful more often than not.

You and I become what we think about! It is not every thought that comes to us, but the thoughts we internalize and emotionalize, that control us. We let unproductive feelings control us by our lack of understanding. As you learn to control what you think and feel then your ‘certain way’ will become your way of being, natural way of behaving.

Your ‘certain way’ of being will become in alignment with what you want and your successful results will follow. When you begin to GIVE from your ‘certain way’, like comes back to you according to the Law of Attraction and Vibration.

“The opportunity is always here for the person who masters what they do.”
-Bob Proctor

Develop your ‘certain way’ and keep in mind the Law of Compensation, which is comprised of three parts. The need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty in replacing you.

When you become the best at what you do by improving your ability and become difficult to replace your stock goes up!

Set in your MIND that you will become the best at what you do. You will learn to control your mind, thoughts, and actions. You will create vs. compete and you will always leave others with the impression of increase.

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