It’s Time To Stop Dieting!

Food isn’t the problem. Exercise isn’t the problem. The reason you keep gaining after dieting and sometimes reaching a new high, is that you are not addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your emotional eating.

“No more diets, no more food plans. Learn to LISTEN to your body.
Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Eat whatever you want as long as it’s in
response to PHYSICAL hunger as opposed to EMOTIONAL need.”

– Dr. Julie Anné and Dr. Ashley Southard
A New Beginning Treatment Center & A Healthy Weigh Out.

It is seems counter intuitive that this could work however there is more and more evidence that diets don’t work. In fact, adolescents that diet are much more likely to be obese as adults. More and more Americans are tipping the scales higher and higher than ever before. After going on a diet, most adults will gain the weight back and then some.

From my personal and professional experience, I believe that we must start looking at the CORE REASONS WHY we turn to food. Why are we eating emotionally rather than just for nutrition? We need to get to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem and it’s not FOOD!

As a holistic health practitioner for over 30 years I have preached this! The only way to truly heal is to find the root cause, remove the interference, and free the energy so that the body can heal itself.

To find the Root Cause of Emotional Eating you must discover the ‘Inner Gremlins’
that are keeping you from being Emotionally Free.

  1. We have to look at the long held beliefs we have about ourselves that stem from false beliefs or untruths that were infused in our subconscious at an early age.
  2. We have to learn how to reset those beliefs to affect positive change in the present.

In my program, Breakthrough Your Inner Blocks you will find the core beliefs that are no longer serving you. I help you find the ‘inner gremlins’ that keep you stuck, playing the same tapes over and over. Thoughts like: “I am not good enough. I am not worthy. I will never be pretty enough or thin enough.”

 Freedom From Emotional Eating Is Possible!

  1. I help you reset your mind with several cutting edge techniques. We get down to the root cause of emotional eating and help you create new beliefs that support you and your life to flourish.
  1. I include essential oils that go to the seat of emotion, the subconscious mind, shifting your awareness and thoughts naturally. I help you pick the essential oils that can help release specific emotional patterns.
  1. I teach you how to create affirmations that actually work. You will learn to infuse affirmations in your mind to create your desired results. The key to making affirmations work is that they must be true and believable. We also can create affirmations using certain words that trick your mind into believing it is true, until it is true.

Are you ready to stop dieting?
Do you know that diets are not working for you anymore?
Do you want to once and for all get to the root cause?

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