Leadership of Self

When you think of a leader you often think of someone who has charisma and people following them. They have a strong confident passion for their vision and put the needs of others ahead of their own.

In life you have two choices, to be a leader or a follower. Both have admirable qualities, yet if you want to be a leader you have to be a great follower first and most importantly you have to learn to lead yourself.



Good leaders are not born that way. First they have learned to be a good follower and second they have learned to take personal responsibility for all that they create.


In order to be a great leader you must learn two things. 

  1. To be a great follower. Learning to honor and respect the qualities that a leader can bring into their life and following them with all your heart will instill that when you become a leader your followers will do the same.
  2. To become a leader of your self. You must have discipline and take responsibility for that which you create in life, good and bad. When you know that every result you have has been a process of your thinking. Then you start to take responsibility for your thinking and create better results.

To lead yourself you have to know yourself and understand yourself. As you gain knowledge in these areas you will gain unwavering courage and a vision for where you want to go, a path you want to take and take others with you.


An exceptional leader works to get people to think highly of themselves.
Their goal is to get people to ‘fall in love’ with themselves.


Thomas Willhite, founder of PSI Seminars, says this on leadership. “I am a leader of myself. I am also a leader of those who, of their own free choice, choose to join with me. To be a leader is to take responsibility for outcomes, good, bad or indifferent. This, more than any other characteristic or trait, is the mark of a leader.”


Here are a few characteristics of leaders. How do you stack up? What do you need to work on?

  • A leader must have a vision and know where they are going.
  • Have a strong understanding of who they are in order to understand others.
  • They take control and responsibility of their life.
  • They always have a good attitude and do not let the outside world and circumstances affect them.
  • A leader must be a ‘self-cleaning oven’.
  • Through their creative ability they know that they can create whatever they want.
  • They have the confidence and ability to make decisions quickly, with certainty.
  • They take full responsibility, bottom line, for everything and everyone they lead.
  • They have created the HABIT of doing more than is required or that they are paid for.


“To be successful, you must be willing to do the things TODAY others won’t do
in order to have the things TOMMORROW others won’t have.”
–Les Brown.

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