Mindset Mastery

It amazing how fast you can actually change your habitual patterns when you consistently feed your mind new empowering messages.

How would it make a difference in your life if you shifted your mindset to have a more confidence and get out of your own way?

When you overcome stuckness, you gain big traction in your life, business and income.

“When riches begin to come, they come SO QUICKLY, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years. “ -Napoleon Hill

Do you want to play a bigger game? You will need to get out of your own way. By this I mean, you need to become aware of the habitual thought patterns that are keeping you stuck and change them.

When you allow yourself to dream bigger you automatically set yourself up to crash into the walls that previously kept you back.
Through understanding, faith and belief in yourself you can begin to breakthrough these barriers and live freely with the abundance you seek. Live your life expecting abundance and seeing prosperity everywhere you go. Say to yourself, “I am positively expecting great results. The Universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now!” Once you make a committed decision to change, you open the doors to the results you desire.

“When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient.
When you’re committed to doing something, you except NO excuses – ONLY results.”
– Ken Blanchard

Do this for the next 30 days and see how it shifts your mind and your results.

Stating your intentions for how you wish to think, feel, and act is the beginning of upgrading the neurological pathways in your brain that eventually shift your behaviors to those that support your life, instead of repeating behaviors that keep you stuck.

Work on feeding your mind with new healthy messages and thoughts. Start now by stating three intentions. This is not difficult or some kind of wishful thinking. These are simply affirmations, values, or characteristics that you wish to embody. Write them down, say them out loud in front of the mirror with feeling and watch your mindset transform your results and the quality of your day.

I AM _____________________

I AM _____________________

I AM _____________________

Your Mindset Shift Check List:

  1. Notice your thoughts.
  2. Pay attention to the words you use.
  3. Be aware of how you are feeling. Your Beliefs set up thoughts which stimulate feelings which in turn produce like action which is reflected in your results.
  4. Surround yourself with people that light you up and hold you accountable to what you say you want.
    “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn 
  5. Raise your vibration daily: What are you doing to keep your vibration high? Include gratitude, affirmations, mediation, yoga, and self-care.
  6. DECIDE to make it a great day! Decide to be who you want to be NOW!
  7. ACT AS IF you are where you want to be NOW!
  8. Be happy, smile, and radiate love everywhere you go. People will want to know what you are doing.

Dig Deep, Dream Big, and Activate the Greatness that is Already Within You!

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