New Brand Launch!

I’m excited to announce my new online presence and branding. It has been a long time in the works, so I am thrilled to share it with you NOW!

I love the transformation process; watching women let go of limiting beliefs, discover their own magnificence, and step into their power!

I work with the most amazing women who want to change their lives, to make radical and lasting improvements in their minds, attitudes and their whole SELF!

I am completely confident that what I offer is a way of living that exceeds their wildest dreams!

Please take a look at all of my website resources: blogs, inspirational cards, and essential oils. You will also want to sign up to download my article; Discover 5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Self-Sabotage.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Michelle Radomski at One Voice Can for helping me create the vision that was in my heart.

The Powerhouse Group helped me get my vision into website format and launch my online marketing. I appreciate their patience, clear communication, and attention to detail.

Last but certainly not least, a giant hug to Vanessa Simpkins at Take Your Power Back NOW! Vanessa has been my coach for the last year. They say that everyone needs a coach. I truly believe that if you are not growing…you are dying. Having an accountability coach as been invaluable to me and I plan to continue having a coach so that I can give my best for the benefit of my clients.

It’s Your Time To SHINE! Let’s get you started on the journey toward living the life of your dreams.

To schedule a FREE 30-minute breakthrough session, sign up for a time here.

Contact me today! 480-661-0260

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