She took the leap and developed her wings on the way.


"Before I started working with Dr. Shelley Nash I was stuck. I was struggling to show up and be seen, struggling to allow my business to flourish, and struggling to find a way out of the patterns that were keeping me from fully expressing my gifts."

Shelley helped me to see my patterns, and then skillfully provided tools that helped me make much needed shifts. The insights she shared were relevant, refreshing, and creative. I followed Shelley’s guidance and it worked! I am feeling unstuck, moving bravely forward, and my business income doubled in one month.

Michelle Radomski, Book Designer & Coach, Graphic Designer, and Mandala Artist

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"As a direct result of working with Shelley, I successfully launched a new business endeavor and achieved the two-month income goal I set for myself."

Dr. Nash was a real asset in keeping me on track. Her input was instrumental in creative problem solving and she supported my ideas with great enthusiasm.

Arlyne Haraburda, Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker


"Working with Dr. Shelley Nash has been one of the best decisions I have made. I can have a tunnel vision approach and she definitely broadens my view. I love that! I feel more fulfilled and have achieved many successes in my life as a result of her coaching. When I am feeling down and stuck, Shelley always finds a way to help me get unstuck, feeling better, and moving again."

Dr. Shelley Nash has positively changed my life. She has been one of my mentors for growing my business for over 2 years now. She gives me great perspective on how to look at something differently. She is great at helping me set goals and holding me accountable to my goals. She also is very good at reading people. She can tell if I’m having a bad day, how to interact with me. She knows when she can push and she knows when she has to be a listening ear.

Janis Thornton, Certified Online Personal Trainer


I have the pleasure of being one of Dr. Shelley’s first Thinking Into Results (TIR) coaching clients. When I first started the program, I had an “idea” of being a Life Coach, but wasn’t sure how to get started, or even that this is something in which I would be successful. By going through the TIR program as it was designed online, and having Shelley there to guide me through it and hold me accountable, I was able to breakthrough some barriers and really get into action around creating my dream.

Shelley’s respectful and direct guidance, belief in my abilities (even when I was unsure), and accountability to what I said I wanted were all instrumental in me now being a successful, fulfilled, Life Coach. I appreciate Shelley so much more now two years later than I did even then…she truly is a woman who is committed to the success of her clients.

Brenda Nahs, Personal Empowerment Coach


"Shelley helped me discover what was irritating me in the moment had to do with what I was holding onto in my body-mind from my past. I was ready to cancel an upcoming event because of emotional stress surrounding it. She helped me get back on track quickly and I was able to attend my event with confidence."

Simply amazing is how I describe working with Dr. Shelley Nash. Thanks Dr. Shelley for all that you do!

Karen Langston, Certified Holistic Nutritionist Teaching Healthcare Professionals

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"When I started working with Dr. Shelley I had just had my first baby. I felt overwhelmed, depressed, and completely out of control. I was binging and emotionally eating all the time. I felt desperate to find a way out of my eating cycle but was unable to change. I wanted to set a good example for my son and was desperate to find a way out."

Now I feel like, ‘the sun rose back on my life again’. I have confidence, self-worth and inner strength that I never felt before. The biggest miracle is that I have been able to completely shift my food behaviors. I have new tools that I use daily to maintain what I have learned. I am able to spend quality time with my family and focus on my priorities with calmness and ease.

Nikki Thorkelson, Mom, Horse Trainer, and Health Enthusiast


"When I started working with Dr. Shelley I had been working with a coach and my personal development for two years already. I still felt like something was missing because I needed approval and permission from others to feel okay about myself. I could see the beauty and essence in everyone else, but I wouldn’t allow myself to receive the same love from myself."

Working with Dr. Shelley helped me release some deep inner blocks that were holding me back. Not only did I learn to change my thoughts, I learned to deeply settle into loving myself. My biggest shift was developing the discipline to trust my own decisions. This built my confidence and resulted in success in all areas of my life; health, wealth, and happiness.

Corrie Doty, Women's Wellness Coach

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