The Knowing-Doing Gap

Why do you do things over and over again that you don’t want to do? Why do you sabotage your weight loss with a piece of cake? Why do you quit your New Year’s resolutions in a few months?

To understand WHY this happens you have to study how your mind works. There are two parts of your mind we will focus on.

  1. Your conscious mind: the part of your mind that gathers information and acquires knowledge.
  2. Your subconscious mind: the part of your mind that gathers habits and governs your behavior.

Acquiring ALL the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean that you will be able to
put that knowledge into effective action.

This is what we mean by  ‘The Knowing-Doing Gap’. Many times we KNOW exactly what to do, however we don’t do it. Our behavior is a result of unconscious thoughts and conditioning. In order to bridge this gap we first have to understand it and then learn some effective tools to get our thinking and behavior congruent with what we want.

To further understand this let’s go back to when you were born. As a child, your subconscious mind is wide open. You are like a sponge; everything in your immediate environment comes into your mind. You don’t know any better so it becomes true for you. You pick up beliefs from family members, teachers, friends and others and make them your own. As you can imagine, this has happened for generations and generations. This is how we become like our grandparents when we barely knew them or never even met them.


Genetics is not only in our biology it comes from our environment. We are now learning from the study of Epigenetics that we can change our genetics by choosing healthier food, stress reducing activities, and changing our thinking.

“Environment is more important than heredity.” – Karl Menninger

As a child we are literally programed to act, think, and behave in certain ways and by the time our conscious mind starts to develop our habits and patterns are already deeply conditioned. We call this unconscious set of habits in the subconscious mind your ‘Paradigm’.

The only way to close ‘The Knowing-Doing Gap’ and start getting the results you truly want is to change your paradigm. Your paradigm causes your behavior, and your behavior causes your results. Changing your paradigm is key to getting the results you want.

As a chiropractor and holistic health practitioner I have always looked for the root cause of health problems. Looking at symptoms and correcting symptoms only gets superficial results. Similarly, when I want to find the root cause or core reason you are not getting the results you want in life, I look at your thinking, your unconscious programing, and the conditioning that is no longer serving you. When you get to the core and change it you will create the results you want.

Understanding ‘The Knowing-Doing Gap’ is the first step to creating long lasting change in our life. As you learn more you will begin to make the changes YOU want to start living the life that YOU want. Keep asking yourself, why did I do that? We will keep exploring how you can start thinking differently to create the life you desire.



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