What If…?

What if…

You could multiply your effectiveness?

You could significantly increase the speed on the road to success?

You could skip a few rungs on the achievement ladder?

An explosive jump in results was easy and effortless?

Have you ever thought…
If you tried just a little bit harder you could achieve more?

In his book You2, Price Pritchett tells a poignant true story about a fly burning out it’s short life’s energy in a futile attempt to fly through the glass of a window pane. The fly is headed toward certain death, and yet it keeps trying harder and harder. There is no hope for the fly if it continues down this path. The struggle is part of the trap. The fly is doomed. Yet a few feet away the door is WIDE open, the fly could be free. Why doesn’t the fly try a different approach?

Trying harder is not the solution to achieving more;
in fact it is a BIG part of the problem.

Do you find yourself trying harder and harder yet not getting anywhere? What is happening? Why are you stuck in this seemingly never-ending trap?

It might be time to TRY a different approach…something not based in logic. In space and technology we have moved way beyond what we ever thought possible. Why not apply all this knowledge to our personal performance.

The first and most important thing you need to do shift your MIND. You must get out of the habitual thought patterns that keep you doing the same thing over and over. Do you remember in the science fiction movies when all of a sudden the spaceship would shift into ‘light speed’? It’s sort of like that. When you shift to a different level of thinking you start to vibrate at a whole new frequency where things that were previously thought impossible are possible.

Most people have been ‘programed’ throughout their schooling and work life to take logical progressive steps to achieve success. You2 suggests that you can change this paradigm or habitual pattern and make explosive jumps in your personal performance that take you far beyond the next logical step.

You already know how to do many times better than you are doing.
You just need to start taking charge of your mind and your thinking.
You have to learn to close the knowing-doing gap.

Successful people wake up in the morning and CHOOSE their thoughts, they choose how they feel, and they create their day before it happens. We know that many out of the box thinkers in their time were considered ‘crazy’, yet often are elevated to genius after they are gone.

Successful people also know that no one succeeds on their own. To be successful you need a team or a group of people all wanting and striving for the same desired results. Many successful people are part of a Mastermind group to increase their individual effectiveness.

Benefits of a Mastermind Group:

  • A Mastermind is a group of people that operate as a unit; it is like hooking up a group of batteries all working together with greater efficiency and power.
  • Meets on a regular basis to solve problems they couldn’t solve on their own.
  • Is an opportunity to learn and grow together and create far more than individually possible.
  • When they join together they connect to a higher source, the Mastermind. Answers seem to come magically that would not be otherwise available.
  • When you are in a Mastermind you want to go into it for what you can give to others.
  • You want to learn to willingly give and graciously receive.

What is your genius? Are you ready to step outside your box, out of your logical mind to achieve your greatness? Do you want to learn to create high velocity moves that take you far beyond what you preciously thought possible?

Are you ready to multiply your effectiveness and
take your life to the next level?

Dr. Shelley can show you how to DO what you think is impossible. You will learn to bring more of YOU and your POWER to the surface.

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