Words From Beyond

Listen…“I have something to say.”

I kept hearing a quiet voice saying these words…I thought to myself…I should get a pen and start writing.

This is what was revealed to me that day in June 2018…

Maybe it isn’t me that has something to say.
Maybe it is coming through me from the other realms.
Maybe it is time for the world to hear what they have to say.
Maybe they will listen this time.
Maybe they are ready.
We will not know unless you let them hear you.

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Connect with us and we will support you all the way.

You are courageous that is why you are ready for this. You have done all the work you need to do to be a clear channel for what we have to say. You are ready. You don’t have to know how or what to do. It will be revealed just stay open and listen for our promptings. Just like you did now.

It will be that phrase, ‘I have something to say’ that you will hear in your mind and know that it is us wanting to shed light from our perspective.

We do like it when you type because you are more open to your thoughts and accessing the place where you connect with the other worlds then. It is something you learned innately from your mom and now can develop even more that you know how to align your body and energy so that everything is flowing freely.

It is really good that you are open now before Findhorn. You will be getting so much there. It will be amazing for you.”

All for now,

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