You Control You – Your Mental Toolbox

You have within you a mind-altering toolbox that will help you to create a world to your liking. You just have to understand these tools and then put them into action.

These conscious faculties are available to you anytime. They are your mental muscles, the more you use them the stronger they get. You may have been unconsciously using them all of your life, however when you learn to use them consciously you will begin to achieve more success than you ever dreamed possible!


Your Six Mental Faculties:

  1. Perception – Your point of view and be able to see from other points of view.
  2. Will – Focused attention and concentration. Learn to strengthen your will by focusing on one thing like a candle flame, when you can focus on one thing you can focus on anything.

“I see only the objective the obstacles must give way.” – Napoleon

  1. Imagination – Everything is created twice; in the imagination and in form.
  2. Memory – Your memory can be developed through ridiculous association.
  3. Reason – The ability to think is the highest function we are capable of.
  4. Intuition – God is talking to us constantly, be open to listening.

You will notice that these are all mental qualities and the power to use them comes from within you.

Normally we are affected by outside stimulus from our five senses; hearing, seeing, smelling, taste and touch. We learn to live our lives from the outside in. You will never ever do anything of any consequence living from the outside in.

“You must not let what is going on OUTSIDE of you Control your mind.” –Bob Proctor

As a child you got a report card, which gave you certain results. You created a belief about yourself based on those results, which you still probably carry with you today. We call this the ‘Report Card Syndrome.” In reality those results were only based on your past and not a reflection of your potential.

As an adult this same phenomenon is still affecting you, we call it the “Sales Sheet Syndrome” or the “Balance Sheet Syndrome.” In this case you base how you FEEL on results that are only a reflection on what you have done not on what is possible for you to do. Your RESULTS are ultimately created from your FEELING, so you can see how these syndromes keep perpetuating themselves and you don’t get anywhere except for where you are.

The beliefs we have about ourselves keep us ‘stuck’ in a rut. We go through this cycle repeatedly hoping for different results, yet creating the same results. This is the definition of insanity.

We THINK, which leads to a FEELING, which leads to an ACTION by which we get a specific RESULT. The only way to create a NEW RESULT is to go back to the source, our beliefs and our thoughts, and change them to be in alignment with a NEW RESULT.

“The MIND is the greatest thing in all creation.”

Do you react or respond to situations, challenges, and life as it happens? A way to start practicing some conscious control of your life is to choose to respond rather than react. When you REACT the situation or person is in control of you. When you RESPOND you are in control. You stay in charge of you.

“Don’t let the outside world control you. You control you!”

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