Your Morning Self-Talk Matters

Fill your morning routine with positive thoughts and affirmation. Hold a vision for what you desire to be true in your life. See it in your minds eye. See yourself living your dreams this very moment.

The first few hours of everyday are the best times to reset your mind. Your subconscious mind is most open to suggestion at this time and you are able to choose what kind of day you will have.

Many women have a lot of negative self-talk while looking in the mirror and dressing every morning. In fact some days we avoid the mirror or we just ‘don’t really look’ at ourselves. Rather that tear your self down why not build yourself up! It’s YOUR CHOICE!

“You can talk yourself into your dreams or talk yourself out of your dreams.” – Joel Osteen.

My TOP 10 Morning Mirror Affirmations:


I AM a Winner!

I Look Fabulous!

Today is My BEST DAY EVER!

I Attract Success, Joy, and Happiness.

I AM a Money Magnet.

I AM Smoking Hot!

I AM the Boss of My Mind and I Fill It’s Contents.

It’s OK for Me to Love My Body and I Do.

I AM Getting Better and Better, Everyday, in Every Way.

My Dreams are Coming True Today!

My friend Paul Joseph Skok, may he rest in peace, would say this when people would ask him,
“How are you doing today?”

“I am on the high side of spectacular.
I’m one step beyond fantastic.
I’m catapulting right past magnificent.
I’m on my way to a quantum leap.
I’m completely ecstatic with enthusiasm.
And you know what…I’m dripping with so much passion that when people walk by me, they slip and fall on their ass!
I’m getting better every day in every way.
Thanks for asking–How are you?”

WHO SAYS…we have to respond FINE? Memorize this and knock people’s socks off with your enthusiasm.

When Enthusiasm is a Habit, Fear and Worry Don’t Hang Around!

Use I AM to empower your affirmations. Everything that comes after the words I AM is perceived as TRUE by your subconscious mind. So, make your I AM affirmations exactly what you want to achieve. Shoot for the stars! Your subconscious mind doesn’t judge, it just reacts to what you feed it.

There is a lot more to learn about how to make your affirmations work for you so you can achieve what you want.

My program ‘Breakthrough Your Inner Blocks™ covers how to make affirmations that work for you in detail. Stay tuned to my Facebook page: Dr. Shelley Nash and my Facebook Group page Sacred Women Walking, for more blogs and video blogs on affirmations as well.

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