Your Wish is My Command…

What if you had a ‘Secret Genie’ that would provide you ALL that you desired?

Through the lessons in Thinking Into Results you will learn that YOU DO have a ‘Secret Genie’ and have had one ALL along.

Like Glenda the Good Witch said in Wizard of OZ, “You had the power all along, my dear.”

Your ‘Secret Genie’ is your MIND. The problem is we see in pictures yet we don’t have a picture of the mind. In order to be able to use your MIND effectively you must learn how it works.

In 1934, a chiropractor, Dr. Thurman Fleet was very involved in the healing arts and proclaimed that unless they started to treat the root cause rather than symptoms there would be no health. He began to treat the person as a whole and holistic health was born.

Frustrated that there was no way to explain how the mind and body work together he created the now famous ‘Stick Person’ image to show how they function together.

Similar to health, our corporations, businesses and sales departments also treat symptoms rather than find the cause of their problems. When they are able to see that the MIND of it’s workers is the root cause to problems they will have much greater results and bottom line figures will improve.

As a chiropractor myself for over 25 years I have always looked to the source of my clients ill health. In chiropractic we look to the nervous system and the spine and make sure the life force that heals all, is flowing freely in the body.

As I study the workings of the mind in health I realize that it also can be the root cause of illness of body, mind, and spirit if it is not in alignment with the desired result.

The Stick Person allows us to see from our thought to our results. The MIND controls the entire body. Let me give you a written description of how it works.

Your mind is composed primarily of two parts, the conscious and subconscious minds. The conscious mind is your thinking mind. It is affected by all the sensory aspects of the outer world; smell, touch, sound, touch, hearing. The subconscious mind is the seat of emotion, where your feelings are. 95 % of the thoughts and feelings in the subconscious mind are formed by the time you are 18 years of age from your genetics and early environment. Not all of these multitudes of habits are helpful for you attaining your dreams, desires, and goals in life. They include limiting beliefs that might not even be yours, maybe from a parent or grandparent that you just picked up and decided must be true for you too. The subconscious mind has no time or space. Every thing that ever was is happing NOW in the subconscious mind. So the past is, the present and the future is the present in the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind affects the behavior of your body and thus the results you get in all of your life.

All you have to do is look to your results to see what is going on in your subconscious and conscious mind. If you have results that you don’t really want, then by changing your subconscious thought habits you can create a different results.

As you learn more and more about Thinking Into Results you will realize your ‘Secret Genie’ is your MIND. When you learn to use it correctly and wisely you can have anything you desire!

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